maintenance, mans hands with large ball bearing from mine dredge.maintenance, mans hands with large ball bearing from mine dredge.

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Thank you for visiting this site, I believe you will not be disappointed.
The first Gallery I offer for digital download is Corporate, Industrial, Transport, Energy and of course the workforce involved with these industries. My second gallery is Farming, Agriculture, and Flora and the third gallery is Animals, Nature and the environment
, the fourth Gallery is "People & Places, finally Lee agreed to have some Christmas images available for you to download of her original designs....all these galleries are being constantly added to.

As well as stills I'll be offering some video clips of all sorts of things ...over time I intend to have a comprehensive site that's not only extremely cost effective but a good visual experience that is easy to navigate.
If you are requiring a quick high resolution image, or a smaller digital image to illustrate a document or other publication, a series of images for the office, study or workplace I do hope I can help you achieve your objective  without any of the fuss that is associated with the large stock agencies.

My work will be of people, places, nature & industry...I hope to become a niche site you take the time to try first.

Inexpensive images that capture the imagination and royalty free...yours to use without restrictions!

Please enjoy viewing my's your decision but you may even credit  John krutop.

Click on any thumbnail image to enlarge when browsing. If you know what you are looking for enter the subject in the search panel under the main page image.

 The search engine offers quicker results.... you will be taken to the gallery or galleries containing search images....above the gallery icon are 3 small boxes stating the number of relevant images to your search requirement, just double click to open.

yours sincerely John Krutop

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Call or email me to discuss any project or assignment work, there are options you may not have considered....experience is the best attribute you could ask for.

Seems my whole life has been about photography....I had the opportunity to manage a pictorial department but chose to capture images myself rather than manage the work of staff photographers and supplied material.

Since turning to freelance photography in 1988 I have concentrated on capturing corporate and industrial images for some of the largest (and smallest) companies in the world, both global and local..... these assignments have led me to some very unique locations working with both video and stills on some extremely large projects, recording images not accessible to most.
I am passionate about my art, and I trust this is reflected in the collections available. I'll be constantly updating, my galleries for all interested to view. and stills. Eventually Lee's work will obtain a larger portion of this site, enabling you to download some amazing images.

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